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Types of Eating Disorders Explained

eating disorders

The term eating disorders are the conditions that cover a range of mental ailments. This condition has an unhealthy relationship with eating. There are several types of eating disorders let’s have a look: Anorexia Nervosa According to experts, anorexia nervosa is the most dangerous of all mental illnesses because it has the highest death rate. Due to this, we can consider it to be the most deadly among the 12 types of eating disorders. This

Welcome to the topic, “What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?” Bipolar disorder is characterized by severe mood swings. These can vary from extreme lows (depression) to extreme highs (mania). Episodes of depression and mania often last for many weeks or months. Depression : Symptoms in a period of depression may include: • Lacking energy • Difficulty remembering and concentrating on things • Feeling sad, irritable, or hopeless most of the time • Feeling negative

Bipolar Disorder

What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a psychological health condition manifest by extreme shifts in mood. Key symptoms include: a tremendously elevated mood, or episodes of mania or a low mood, or episodes of depression Previous terms for bipolar disorder consist of bipolar disease and manic depression. This disorder isn’t an uncommon condition. The National Institute of Mental Health explained that 2.8 percent of United States adults — nearly 5 million people — have

Athletes tend to have a work hard, play harder lifestyle. With extra pressure placed on athletes today, it is common to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Some athletes tragically lose their lives to addiction. Yet, numerous athletes decide to seek treatment and live a long life post successful recovery. With support from friends, families, coaches, and teammates, many athletes have shown a successful recovery rate from this disease. Some Lifestyle Factors that Contribute to an

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Sleeplessness Causes and Treatments


You’re just thriving for a good night’s sleep, but your sleeplessness forces you to toss and turn; it feels like your tiredness is more at the time of waking up than you went to sleep. Sleeplessness makes your day dull and dry because you can’t focus on your routine work due to the tiredness of your brain and body.   Here we have described some of the causes of sleeplessness and its possible treatments.  


Want to know the effective depression treatment for you? First, you have to know the cause of your depression. Then, learn about the treatments available for each depression type. Afterward, choose the treatment that suits you best. What is Depression? Depression is a medical illness that involves serious mood disorders that negatively affects your feelings. Feelings of depression are normal if they don’t interrupt your daily activities and if it does not last for a few days.

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