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Addiction afflicts a large population within the United States. Ranging from all ages, races, educational standing , addiction is responsible for individuals losing their lively hood, family, career and sometimes their lives.
Trust More Life Recovery Center in Metuchen, New Jersey to guide you through this time in your life.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    More Life Recovery is committed to helping you achieve and maintain long term recovery. We provide services on an outpatient basis in an intimate and individualized setting where you will feel right at home. Our goal is to provide an optimum healing opportunity for each individual, an environment in which each individual feels safe allowing each client served to open doors to new possibilities, creating an experience of hope and opportunity. More Life Recovery integrates multiple approaches to helping clients fight the disease off addiction. is also a family oriented treatment facility, incorporating. We’ve been there and have done that.. Let us help you make it out.

    There are many signs and symptoms of Drug or Alcohol Addiction including :  

    • Changes in mood, attitude, motivation, sleep patterns.

    • Poor Performance as work 

    • Constantly absent 

    • Secretive Behavior 

    • Sudden weight loss or gain 

    • Strange body odors 

    • Questionable new friends and hangouts

    At More Life Recovery Center in central New Jersey, we offer Out Patient programs (OP), Intensive Out  Patient Programs (IOP), Group Therapy, Trauma Therapy and Family therapy for clients enrolled. 

    More Life Recovery integrates the following Spiritual and Holistic approaches :

    – 12 step module      – Physical Fitness     – Chiropractic Adjustments

    – Group Therapy      – Art Therapy            – Massage

    – Reiki                       – Acupuncture           – Community Activities

    ” We Believe in healing the Mind Body and Spirit. “

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    We Accept Insurance.

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