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Joey Drust
Joey Drust
Out of the 7 plus facilities I have been to no where comes close to more life. The family oriented environment is extremely important and they put heavy emphasis on that. Accumulated most of my clean time from working closely with them. Kenneth sass the president has a way of working with the younger crowd it’s quite amazing to watch.
Without More Life I’m not sure how recovery would have turned out for me. The problem-solution oriented program that More Life extended to myself was exactly the environment I needed to take my first steps to heal spiritually and physically from my addiction. From intake all the way to graduation the staff and their holistic, family like approach positioned me to make successful behavioral changes. Along with providing counseling and resources vital to my recovery, More Life aided me in establishing a variety of tools and coping methods to solidify my ongoing recovery outside of treatment as well. My therapist Dori, along with Anthony and Kenny, personally have given me my life back. There is no amount of gratitude I could give to repay them for that.
Monte' Graves
Monte' Graves
The staff is the best!
B Lauterbach
B Lauterbach
One of the best treatment centers I have ever been to!! And a place that changed my life I have been to over 100 treatment centers and more life is that 1 that has stuck with me through everything ! They never gave up on me helped me turn from a boy into a man ! The people that work there really care for you there not just there for a job they are there to help make a change in peoples lives ! I have tried so many methods to get clean and stay clean but there’s is the only one that ever worked and stuck in my head I have met people there that I consider family now !! I highly recommend if you need help or know somebody that needs help call and reach out to more life !! You won’t regret it !!
Kenneth Crawford
Kenneth Crawford
This place is amazing! One of the few places staff genuinely care about my life. I am still sober today because of the tools I learned there. I would recommend this place to anyone suffering with addiction.
Brett Stewart
Brett Stewart
Great place, great people that Belive in helping others
Ashleigh Barnard
Ashleigh Barnard
Highly recommend!! Great services
Marley Hawkins
Marley Hawkins
My first time in recovery and I didn't know what to expect. From day one my counselor Kenny reassured me that this is more than just drug recovery but life recovery and it was just that. It felt like a home away from home with all the tools that help guide me to a better place. ? ? ?
Jen King Toy
Jen King Toy
Good bunch of lovely men and women in recovery.. They truly care How do I know My son was one of them .

What Exactly is More Life Recovery Center?

At More Life Recovery Center, we’re more than just a facility – we’re a haven where individuals dealing with substance addiction discover their path to wellness. Situated in South Amboy, NJ, our center wholeheartedly embraces a holistic combination of therapy and well-being practices, guiding individuals towards a life free from substance dependence. 

Which Addiction Treatment Programs are Offered in South Amboy?

At More Life Recovery Center, we pride ourselves on our unique, multifaceted approach to substance addiction. Regardless of the substance in question, our programs are crafted meticulously, ensuring every patient finds their way back to sobriety.


Commence Your Journey to Healing with More Life Recovery Center in South Amboy, NJ

If you or a cherished one are seeking a path to overcome addiction, More Life Recovery Center is poised to empower your voyage toward a more brilliant future. We present a diverse range of programs guided by a committed team of experts, assuring you are never alone in this profound transformation.

Outpatient Programs: Customized to Your Timetable

At More Life Recovery Center in South Amboy, we recognize that each person’s route to recovery is distinctive. Our Outpatient Programs are meticulously crafted to offer a flexible approach, enabling you to receive the support you require while managing your daily commitments. With us, recovery harmoniously intertwines with your life, simplifying the journey forward.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Programs: A Structured Path to Recovery

For individuals requiring a more methodical approach, our Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) provide an elevated level of care. These programs prioritize evidence-based therapies and personalized treatment strategies, carefully tailored to meet the individual needs of each person on their recovery journey.

Group Therapy: The Power of Unity

Discover the resilience and camaraderie within a community of peers, an invaluable asset in the recovery process. More Life Recovery Center extends Group Therapy sessions that enable you to connect with others facing similar challenges, share experiences, and acquire valuable insights.

Partial Care Programs: A Bridge to Autonomy

Our Partial Care Programs serve as a transitional stage between intensive treatment and independent living. Designed to embolden individuals on their path to recovery, these programs offer a heightened level of care compared to outpatient alternatives while still nurturing independence and personal growth.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: A Holistic Approach to Healing

At More Life Recovery Center, we acknowledge that addiction often coexists with other mental health concerns. Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment approach ensures comprehensive addressing of both addiction and underlying mental health conditions, presenting a holistic route to recovery.

Accessible and Affordable Treatment

We firmly believe that everyone merits the opportunity to heal. More Life Recovery Center in South Amboy collaborates with most leading insurance providers to make treatment more accessible and affordable. Your well-being is our utmost concern, and we stand ready to guide you through the financial aspects of your recovery journey.

Embark on Your Journey to a Brighter Tomorrow

The initial stride toward recovery is reaching out for support. At More Life Recovery Center, we are steadfast in assisting you throughout every stage of your journey. Delay no longer in commencing your voyage toward a healthier, more contented life. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together

  1. More Life Recovery Center: – Located in Middlesex, New Jersey, More Life Recovery Center offers comprehensive treatment programs tailored to individual needs, focusing on holistic recovery.

  2. SAMHSA’s National Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357) – A confidential, free, 24/7 helpline available in English and Spanish for individuals facing substance use disorders.

  3. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): – A global community-based program offering peer support for people who have had issues with alcohol.

  4. Narcotics Anonymous (NA): – Similar to AA, NA provides community support for individuals looking to overcome drug addiction.

  5. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): – NIDA offers a plethora of information on drugs of abuse, prevention, and treatment.

  6. SMART Recovery: – An international non-profit offering free mutual support meetings for individuals seeking abstinence from addiction.

  7. Celebrate Recovery: – A Christian-based, 12-step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, habits, or hang-ups.

  8. In The Rooms: – An online platform providing free weekly online meetings for those recovering from addiction and related issues.

  9. Sober Nation: – A resource offering a directory of treatment centers, daily news about recovery, and other tools to help those in recovery.

  10. – This site offers tools and information to help individuals recognize and overcome substance addiction, including a directory of rehab centers.

It’s always important to consult with professionals or trusted individuals when deciding which resources are the best fit. Overcoming addiction is a personal journey, and the best resource often depends on the individual’s unique circumstances and needs.

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