Genesight Testing for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

  • GeneSight testing is a genetic test that analyzes how a patient’s genes may impact their response to certain psychiatric medications.
  • The test enables healthcare professionals to personalize medication selection to each individual patient.
  • Using GeneSight testing can improve outcomes in mental health and addiction treatment.
  • Patients who undergo GeneSight testing are more likely to achieve remission of their symptoms and experience fewer hospitalizations.
  • GeneSight testing helps identify which medications may work best for each patient, as well as which medications may cause negative side effects or not be effective.
  • GeneSight testing is a non-invasive and easy process that involves a simple cheek swab.
  • The test results can help healthcare professionals make more informed decisions regarding medication selection, dosing, and other aspects of patient care.
  • Patients who undergo GeneSight testing can experience improved quality of life and greater peace of mind knowing they are receiving personalized care.

Factors That Affect Medication Outcomes in Mental Health Patients

Your genes play a crucial role in determining how your body responds to medications. They go beyond dictating physical traits like hair color, eye color, and height. Your genes can impact which medications will be effective, how quickly they work, and which side effects you may be more susceptible to.

In some cases, allergies to certain medications can pose a challenge when determining the most suitable treatment. Even if you know which substances you’re allergic to, a new medication may trigger a reaction that can worsen your symptoms. This makes it difficult to identify the most effective medication.

Moreover, your individual body composition can also affect how medications impact your body. For instance, some medications are stored in fat cells, and if you have higher levels of body fat, the medication may remain in your system longer than expected.

Why Use Genesight Testing for Mental Health + Addiction?

More Life Recovery Center recognizes the many benefits of using Genesight testing in mental health and addiction treatment. With pharmacogenetic testing, doctors can assess a patient’s DNA and genetic data to determine the most effective medication without the need for trial and error. This allows patients to start treatment with a beneficial medication right away, giving them more time to focus on therapy.

The advantages of Genesight testing for mental health and addiction treatment at More Life Recovery Center include:

  • Avoiding unwanted side effects from ineffective medications
  • Saving time, money, and the stress of trying multiple medications before finding the right one
  • Having safer prescriptions, as doctors know which drugs and dosages their patients will respond to
  • Development of new and more effective medications through gene testing and evaluation

By utilizing Genesight testing, More Life Recovery Center is able to provide patients with personalized care that leads to improved outcomes and a better quality of life.

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