5 Reasons why 2023 Is the Best Time Ever to Seek Out Drug Addiction Treatment

Fortunately, among so many bad things, drug addiction treatment advancements in the field of substance use disorder and mental health issues are becoming much better in 2023:

Here are the 5 Reasons why 2023 Is the Best Time Ever to Seek Out Drug Addiction Treatment?

1-Public Perception is Becoming More Positive

Addiction affects 1 in 3 families in the United States, and because of this reason, most people have started understanding that addiction is not a moral failure but a disease. There is an improved empathy among people, which is leading to a shifting of opinions on how to deal with substance use disorders.

A mainstream of people supports better funding to understand and fight opioids, for example.

One of the very uncommon silver coatings in the increase of substance use disorder is that we progressively understand the need to fight the disease, not the victims.

2-Encouraging Trends in Addiction Medicine

One of the ways that we can fight disease more successfully is through innovations in techniques and medicines. In addition to present treatments, there are advancements in the prospect of addiction medicine.

One of the more sensational avenues of research proceeding is around the orexin system, which has been associated with the motivation to use for those who suffer from SUD (substance use disorder).

In addition to the innovations and progression in the medication itself, the addiction treatment community now has an ACGME specialty under the ABPM (American Board of Preventative Medicine), which means that future doctors and staff can specialize and study in the treatment and understanding of addiction. It means that the treatment community is beginning to highlight addiction treatment, which is very hopeful news.


3-Harm Reduction is Working

Additional thrilling news: efforts to decrease harm in substance use groups have been working. Many strong institutes save lives from an overdose daily through the education about and spreading of Narcan (also known as naloxone).

Clean needle interchange programs across the state can drastically decrease the incidence of intravenously (IV) passed diseases.

An increasing number of countries have good laws, which prevent those who call 911 to report an overdose from being accused of slight drug breaches.

While harm reduction progress may look slow to those in the addiction field, the real substantive revolution continues to make an influence.

4-Laws are More Supportive than Ever

As the public becomes more aware of substance use disorders, the rules follow suit. Public measures and officials are beginning to take care of substance use disorder sufferers to a much superior degree.

The tides are beginning to crack in public policy near substance use disorder.

5-We Know More than Ever Before

More than ever, people are accepting evidence-based treatment. Treatment centers are progressively embracing cutting-edge medicines to aid in the fight against substance use disorders.

Addiction recovery treatment is continuously changing, and our consideration of what contributes to a fruitful long-term recovery is budding. Here are the things known to us:

  • Long treatment means long-term recovery
  • Addiction recovery is a universal process
  • Self-motivation falls among the most significant factors that forecast a person’s effective recovery
  • Evidence-based management has a high rate of achievement
  • The community has a great influence on an individual’s continued sobriety


It can be awesome to read the news, especially when we see the statistics on substance use disorder, overdose, and much more. However, no matter how depressing it looks, change is still on. Let the tiny seeds of improvement give you hope, as it’s been us.


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