What are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

Welcome to the topic, “What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?” Bipolar disorder is characterized by severe mood swings. These can vary from extreme lows (depression) to extreme highs (mania). Episodes of depression and mania often last for many weeks or months. Depression : Symptoms in a period of depression may include: • Lacking energy • Difficulty remembering and concentrating on things • Feeling sad, irritable, or hopeless most of the time • Feeling negative…

Bipolar Disorder

What is Bipolar Disorder and Its Treatments?

What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a psychological health condition manifest by extreme shifts in mood. Key symptoms include: a tremendously elevated mood, or episodes of mania or a low mood, or episodes of depression Previous terms for bipolar disorder consist of bipolar disease and manic depression. This disorder isn’t an uncommon condition. The National Institute of Mental Health explained that 2.8 percent of United States adults — nearly 5 million people — have…

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