3 Diseases Caused by Alcohol Abuse

Welcome to the topic: “3 Diseases Caused by Alcohol Abuse”. Every teenager has had an affinity toward alcoholic beverages since their college days or afterward. Perhaps, you take one or more sips of beer a day or you may go to parties more often and drink or even you may drink as a habit. Whatever the way you are linked to alcoholism you must know the long-term effects of alcoholism.  3 Diseases Caused by Alcohol…

What is a Functioning Alcoholic?

Welcome to the topic “What is a Functioning Alcoholic?” A “functioning alcoholic” (or “functional alcoholic”) isn’t a familiar medical diagnosis, but a term used colloquially to define a person who is reliant on alcohol but can still function effectively in society. Drinking seldom causes them to miss work and other responsibilities (although it does ensue occasionally). They are usually able to achieve areas of life including jobs, families, and homes. They often look physically and…

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