Addiction Treatment

Is Addiction Hereditary?

Treatment, ddiction, and Recovery Addiction affects EVERYONE, not just addicts. This means our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, and coworkers. Addiction can and will affect those around you just as much as it affects the addict, both emotionally and financially . It can be a challenge to figure out how to help a loved one who seems totally lost, but this article is going to focus on the specific steps that you need to take…

return to rehab after relapsing

More Life Recovery Center: Why Returning to Rehab After Relapse is Crucial for Addiction Recovery in Metuchen, NJ

As a leading outpatient addiction treatment center in Metuchen, NJ, More Life Recovery Center understands the complexities of addiction and the challenges that come with the recovery process. One common question we hear from individuals struggling with addiction is, “Why should I go to rehab again if I relapsed?” In this article, we’ll explain why returning to rehab after a relapse is crucial for addiction recovery and how More Life Recovery Center can help. Why…

addiction and nutrition

Relationship Between Addiction and Nutrition

If you have a (SUD) substance use disorder, whether it includes drugs or drinking, you could lack specific nutrients you must have to be healthy. Addiction and nutrition have a reverse relationship. Even smoking can devoid your body of important nutrients. Addiction can result in less interest in healthy foods or you eat too little. Chemical substances also make it tougher for the body to captivate these nutrients. A poor diet can make you feel…

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