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Opioid Constipation: 5 Ways to Get Relief

The most common side effect of opioid meds are called opioids constipation, or trouble pooping. Most persons will also need to take specific medications to get more consistent bowel movements who take these opioids. The main symptoms of opioid constipation are: • Your stools might get hard and dry. • You might not get the urge to go as often as before. • When you go you might have to push really hard. • You might […]

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Why is Fentanyl Dangerous? – Treatment

What is fentanyl? Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid. The main uses of fentanyl are pain relief and pleasure. The National Institute on Drug Abuse uses to manufacture fentanyl in labs, unlike other opioids manufactured directly from the opium poppy plant. Then, why is fentanyl dangerous? According to the United States, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) fentanyl is a Schedule II Drug. So, while it does have some reasonable uses, such as for pain relief after surgery. It also has […]