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Is alcohol addiction treatable?

Living in denial or showing unwillingness to talk about alcohol addiction is a special sign many people with alcohol addiction have. Is alcohol addiction treatable? Should this thing be a worry? Not really! There are several ways for helping an alcohol addict Encouragement:  The first step involves communication about how addicts are affecting the physical and mental health of their family members and neighbors. It is essential to plan the conversation with a trainer in […]

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What is a Functioning Alcoholic?

Welcome to the topic “What is a Functioning Alcoholic?” A “functioning alcoholic” (or “functional alcoholic”) isn’t a familiar medical diagnosis, but a term used colloquially to define a person who is reliant on alcohol but can still function effectively in society. Drinking seldom causes them to miss work and other responsibilities (although it does ensue occasionally). They are usually able to achieve areas of life including jobs, families, and homes. They often look physically and […]