How Group Therapy Can Aide in Suicide Prevention

It’s no secret that suicide rates are rising in the United States. Suicide is now one of the leading causes of death in the country. But what may come as a surprise is that suicide doesn’t just affect adults. The number of young people who take their own lives has been steadily rising for years, and it’s now the second leading cause of death for those between the ages of 15 and 24.

So, with such alarming statistics, we must take a closer look at what is driving these numbers and how to prevent more young people from dying by suicide. One key factor in preventing suicide is therapy. Here are the benefits of therapy in suicide prevention.

Reduces Feelings of Isolation

Most suicide prevention programs are geared toward individuals, but group settings offer something different. When young people come together in a group setting, they quickly realize they are not alone in their struggles. They see that other people are facing similar issues and that there is hope for them.

Builds a Support System

A group session is a great way to build a support system for those at risk of suicide and their loved ones. It creates an environment where individuals can talk openly about the challenges they face and feel encouraged by others who have been through similar struggles. As such, groups can help reduce feelings of isolation and build a robust support system that people can turn to in times of need.

Promotes Healthy Coping Mechanisms

While group sessions are often focused on discussing negative experiences, they also offer an opportunity for participants to learn healthy coping mechanisms. Talking about past challenges and learning new strategies for dealing with future challenges can help people avoid turning to suicide as a means of escape.

Builds Meaningful Relationships

A group provides an opportunity for people to build meaningful relationships with others who understand what they are going through. These relationships can offer support and encouragement, which can be vital for struggling with suicidal thoughts. Some individuals have faced suicidal thoughts for years, but when they finally get the consent and help, it often changes their outlook on life and gives them hope for the future.

Helps Victims Stay on Track

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, group sessions can also help individuals stay on track with their recovery. Even after a session ends, the support and encouragement of others can help people continue to take steps toward getting better and staying healthy. It can also assist individuals who feel like they are slipping back into old patterns of thinking or behavior.

Creates Sense of Belonging

A regular group session helps people feel like they belong. Many young people who struggle with suicidal thoughts or behaviors often feel like they are all alone in their struggles. However, when they attend a group and realize that others are going through the same thing, it can help them feel less alone and more connected to others.


There are multiple suicide prevention programs in the country today. That’s why victims are consistently urged to seek assistance where necessary. More Life Recovery Center is one of the leading facilities that support people experiencing suicidal thoughts and other forms of mental health. Contact us today for individual therapy sessions.

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