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5 Signs That It’s Time to Consider Entering a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Struggling with addiction is more common than people think and is nothing to feel ashamed over. There are all types of reasons why people find themselves addicted to substances. Regardless of what those reasons are, a drug and alcohol treatment center can help. A treatment center can help the patient figure out what got them to their current point in life and what to do to move forward. Along with that, a treatment center has many resources, such as therapy sessions, both alone and in groups, detox programs, and more.


But, determining when to go to rehabilitation and if it’s right for you is not easy. With that said, there are some signs you can keep an out for that give you insight into your situation. If you end up determining that rehabilitation is the right decision for you, keep in mind that the More Life Recovery Center team is here to help you. Read below to learn the five signs.


  • Substances are a Priority Over Everything Else in Life

One indicator of a problem is when drugs or alcohol begins to become your main priority in life. For instance, you start to put substances above everything, including critical aspects of life, such as school, work, and your loved ones. Most people would consider these three aspects their top priorities, but if substances take over, it’s a problem. This sign is even more so the case if you find yourself spending tons of money, time, and effort on locating substances or abusing them.


  • Your Health is Declining

Another sign to look out for is the state of your health. Often, substances can get in the way of your health as they are not usually healthy for you, even more so when used in high amounts. In the case of alcohol, a drink or two every week isn’t going to do much harm. But, drinking a whole bottle of liquor every week or every night will do some severe damage. When you use drugs, you likely don’t even know what you are consuming. Many drugs are often laced or mixed with harmful substances. As soon as you notice your health is off or get told by the doctor that you should be concerned, it’s time to consider entering a drug and alcohol treatment center.


  • You Are Unable to Quit By Yourself

If you have tried to quit multiple times before and have failed, you likely should seek the help of a professional. A team of medical professionals can lay the foundation of success for you by starting you off with a detox program. Once everything gets cleared of your system, you can move forward through rehabilitation and its many resources. Tools, such as therapy, programs, and medication, can help you achieve sobriety and maintain it for the long term. But, to do so, you need to start at a place where you are in good hands with the right resources.


  • You Lose Relationships

Another way to tell if addiction has a stronghold on your life is to evaluate your relationships. If substances have caused you to lose friends, significant others, or family, then it might be time to go to a treatment center. During treatment, you can learn more about sobriety and work on yourself. Once you begin to find yourself in a better headspace, you might even be able to repair the relationships that have become strained.


  • You Have Got Into Legal Trouble Because of Substances

Last but not least, you want to look at any trouble you have gotten into while under the influence. We specifically recommend looking at any legal trouble you might have. For example, if you got arrested for driving under the influence. Any legal issues point to there being a problem. While some people use substances and can control themselves, such as drinking only a glass of wine at dinner, others lose control. If you cannot control your actions and get into bad situations, it’s time to consider rehabilitation.


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