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The Most Common Excuses People Use to Avoid Going to a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Drug and alcohol addictions are significant challenges impacting addicts, their families, friends, and communities. 

According to the National Survey for Drug Use and Health, 19.3 million people should undergo drug or alcohol treatment. Out of this number, only 2.5 million attend some form of inpatient or outpatient therapy for their addiction. 

These numbers are showing resistance among addicts about going to a drug and alcohol treatment center. They come up with a host of excuses to justify not entering a program and start the process of lifetime sobriety. We look at the most common reasons people avoid getting help and why they are so resistant. 

  •  Nothing is Wrong with Them

The first excuse that any addict uses when you talk about their drug or alcohol addiction is nothing is wrong with them. On the contrary, you are the one who is causing problems by suggesting that they have a substance abuse issue. 

For example, a friend of yours is drinking a lot, and you suggest that their drinking is consuming their life. Your friend immediately becomes defensive and will point out how what they are doing is blowing off steam, relaxing, or having a good time. The addict will redirect the conversation towards you with anger and contempt. Their attitude is how dare you, accuse them of drinking too much when others have bigger problems. The addict then, says that you should worry about your life and leave them alone. 

These are signs that the person you are dealing with has a significant substance abuse problem and needs help. The challenge is getting them to admit that they need assistance and going to treatment to address their issues. The addict is resistant because they feel embarrassed to show a vulnerable side and talk about their problems. 

More Life Recovery Center can help with our commitment to assisting you in creating lifetime sobriety. The process requires changing your life and learning new ways to react to events unfolding around you. 

  • They are Normal and Productive

A second excuse for not going to a drug and alcohol treatment center is the addict claims to be a normal person. They will state how they have a job, their status in the community, parental accomplishments staus, and more to compensate.

Like with the first excuse, the addict turns the conversation back towards you for suggesting they have a problem. You should mind your own business and stop worrying about what they are doing. These tactics are known as deflecting the problem by denying what is happening and turning the conversation around on you. 

When someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol acts like this, they are not ready to admit they have substance abuse issues. The only thing you can do is to wait for things to become clearer. After hitting rock bottom, you can encourage the person to go to treatment and make a commitment towards sobriety. 

More Life Recover Center can help you in dealing with addicts that have lots of excuses. We have seen these situations before and are useful in creating situations where the person can see the error in their ways. 

  • Stopping at Anytime

Sometimes, addicts will combine excuses to deflect your criticisms away from them and towards others. 

The most common one is when the person claims that they can stop drinking or doing drugs at any time. These excuses are failing to admit or recognize the addiction, and that person you care about requires help. 

The best approach is to work with professionals who can assist you in getting them into treatment. 

More Life Recovery Center uses treatment programs focusing on cognitive behavior, and we can help you utilize specific methods to help with recovery. We are experts on addiction and we know what to do to ensure the person receives effective treatment. 

Make a Change for the Better

These excuses are common for those who have an addiction and need drug and alcohol treatment. Call More Life Recovery Center today at 888-825-8689 and see how our programs can help.

Addiction can be defeated, but the most critical factor is getting help to learn how to become sober for a lifetime. We are here to help and we are located just off Main Street, near Thomas Park and Myrtle-Charles Park in Metuchen.