Depression treatment

Depression Treatment Steps to Follow

Welcome to the topic “Depression treatment steps to follow”. The reason you are here is that you are not feeling good and don’t want to feel like that anymore. At this moment, you are feeling that you are in a very dark place where you are depressed, it is alarming, horrible, and frightening. There aren’t any immediate cures for depression, but depression treatment can be started quite quickly and proved successful in most cases. So,…

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation, Metuchen, NJ | Drug Rehab

How to Choose a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for Your Loved One

If your friend or loved one has a drug or alcohol addiction and has agreed to rehab, the next step is finding the right drug and alcohol treatment center. Despite being an important next step, many people do more than choose a center that is closest to their residence. This may be the most convenient option, but it is not necessarily the most beneficial. Choosing the right rehab program is an important decision, as it…

‘Bronx Tale’ star Lillo Brancato: I’m clean and inspiring others after cop slay horror

As Seen In New York Post The saddest thing in life is wasted talent – and actor Lillo Brancato is spreading that “Bronx Tale” maxim, one addict at a time. Brancato portrayed Robert De Niro’s son, Calogero, in the coming-of-age classic, then won a role as a minor mobster in “The Sopranos.” But in 2005, Brancato’s life infamously spun out of control: hopelessly addicted to crack and heroin, he burgled a friend’s house with an accomplice when…

Mental Health

Ways to Fight Mental Health Stigma

With the growing rate of mental disorders in the world, it has come to be essential to bridge the difference between physical and mental health problems by knowing the risk factors and consequences of mental disorders. It is time that people join each other to dissipate the stigma linked to mental problems. Effective ways of fighting mental health stigma When such wrong beliefs intensify stigmatizing attitudes, regardless of the type, they considerably affect the social…

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation, Metuchen, NJ | Drug Rehab

How Do I Know I Am A Functioning Alcoholic? 4 Warning Signs to Watch For

A classic picture of an alcoholic is someone who is constantly drinking. That person’s life is falling apart because of alcohol, and they are in denial. However, that’s not always the case. Some people are doing just fine even though they abuse alcohol. They are called high-functioning alcoholics.  These people are hard to spot because their life isn’t falling apart. Plus, they seem to blend with normal people. But, you should know how to spot…

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