How to Choose a Drug Rehabilitation Center for Your Loved One

Choosing a rehab center for your loved one can be quite difficult. Some people are overwhelmed by the news that someone they know and care for is involved in drugs and don’t know what to do. At a time like this, your loved ones need your support and guidance because, unbeknownst to them, you are the only one who can show them the right way. 

The right way, in this case, is a drug rehabilitation center. With the rise of opioids and other drugs, recovery centers are opening everywhere to help people deal with their addictions. It might be hard to admit your loved one in such a center, but it is the only way you can help them. 

The question that now remains is how to choose one?

Do You Have a License?

It seems like such a simple question. However, keep in mind: A licensed rehab center will use the right combination of therapies and medication to ensure that the detoxification process goes smoothly. You can also be assured that these centers will be using FDA-approved drugs to deal with any side effects of withdrawal.

Only a certified drug center can advertise its services online or via a 3rd party on Facebook and Google. The vetting process is exhaustive. In the end, the center is given a legal status, which they can proudly display at their entrance for people to see who come for a visit. 

What Is Your Treatment Philosophy?

This is an important question to ask because you want to make sure that your personal requirements match what they are offering. Moreover, every drug rehabilitation center operates on a treatment philosophy that people can believe in. Ask the facility how they define addiction and what does their recovery program offer. If what they say resonates with you and you feel that it matches the needs of your loved one, only then choose it.

Do Your Offer Support Even When the Program Has Ended?

The real world has many triggers that can pull a reformed drug addict back under the influence. Let’s say that your loved one got hooked on pain killer after an accident. It’s been 3 years now, and they have flushed their career down the drain. After 3 months in rehab, she is reformed and no longer addicted to drugs. A small accident at home makes her turn to the First Aid kit, and she takes two pills to numb the pain, which drives her back under. 

There are plenty of things that can make a person dealing with drug addiction slide back into their previous lifestyle, like unforeseen accidents, personal and professional crises, social pressure, and bullying. This is why you need to ensure that the rehab center follows up after recovery and ensures that the patient transitions back into society safely.

What Is Your Treatment Plan?

A mixture of exercises, therapies, social interactions, and medication is what a treatment plan should be made of. Often drug rehabilitation centers follow a 12-step program that includes cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and family therapy for holistic and spiritual recovery. Some centers also offer art therapy, massages, and acupuncture to relieve the pressure people with drug addiction feel. 

Do You Focus on the Patient’s Physical Health?

Drug addiction has mostly got to do with mental and emotional health. A person’s emotions can cause them to turn towards drugs or alcohol. When dealing with a breakup or divorce, getting unemployed, loss in business, etc., a person is vulnerable to addiction. It often happens that the treatments are focused on psychological health more with the occasional walk in the park. Hence, most people don’t recognize the person they left in the rehab center. So, make sure that the program includes exercise and sports.

Lastly, ask yourself this question: Will my loved one feel safe here? Yes, the change will be difficult, but you must make them realize first that they have a problem. Willingness is the key to successful treatment. Without it, they will be angry at you for leaving you in a place where they don’t belong. This is something that you might have to deal with nevertheless.

Their comfort is important, so knowing what kind of therapies the center offers is important. They might have a program or two that is to your loved one’s liking. This will allow you to say a helping word and convince them that they need help.

Remember: No matter their reaction, don’t take it to heart because you are thinking about their future. 

More Life Recovery Center offers drug rehabilitation services for opioids and alcohol addiction. Based in New Jersey, they are open 24/7 and have qualified doctors on call to help with any problem. To get in touch with them, call (888) 825-8689.

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