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Signs That You Should Get PTSD Treatment Right Away

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occurs after taking part/witnessing a tragic event or series of them. 

Statistics show that PTSD affects 6% of the population, or 15 million people every year. 

These recurring memories can begin days or years later after the incident occurs to the person. You will see noticeable changes in how they act, and these transformations are a call for help. The best approach is to encourage them to go to PTSD treatment to learn how to address these issues. We look at the most frequent signs of PTSD and when you should encourage someone to go to treatment right away. 

Disturbing Memories

One of the most significant signs is the person who has PTSD continues to relive the event. These include recurring stressful memories, reliving the incident, nightmares, and emotional/physical reactions. 

For example, a first responder who has PTSD exhibits any one or a combination of these signs. They are continually reliving something that happened on the job that affects their memory. 

These events are not limited to a specific group but can include anyone who witnesses the incident. You want to reach out to the person in a supportive way by encouraging them to seek out PTSD treatment. 

More Life Recovery can help by creating a safe and supportive environment to encourage the person to relax. They will feel comfortable and know that trained professionals understand and care about what they are going through. 

Avoiding the Issue

Avoidance is another symptom of PTSD, where the person does not want to talk about the event. These can include not going to places or being around people who remind them of the incident. 

For instance, someone who is raped may not want to discuss what happened or go anywhere near where it occurred. The victim feels that the incident was partially their fault and didn’t want to relive any painful memories. The survivor does not want to talk about or be around the location to avoid the situation. 

The best approach is to encourage someone like this to get help right away. Avoiding PTSD is only going to make things worse, and this person needs professional help. 

More Life Recovery is the one place where those who have PTSD can get help. We use the cognitive behavior approach as one of the avenues to treat PTSD. These sessions are on an individual basis and as a part of a group to produce the best results. 

Changes in Attitude

Anyone who has PTSD will show dramatic changes in attitude and become troubled by these events. The most common signs are negative thoughts, hopelessness, memory issues, detachment, numbness, and withdrawal from relationships. 

For example, a loved one witnesses terrorism and is haunted by the images from that day. You find that they are not as close and sometimes outright reject your attempts for affection. They are negative in everything they do and create a sense of hopelessness in their situation. 

When you see these changes, the most critical thing is to encourage the person you love to get help. They are trying to cope and going through the situation alone, which is making things worse. 

More Life Recovery offers inpatient and outpatient programs that provide flexible and effective care. We combine comfort, quality, fellowship, safety, spirituality, and clinical expertise to get the best results. Your loved one is in good hands and can work through their problems with trained professionals that treat PTSD. 

Emotional and Physical Reactions

You will see clear changes in the person’s behavior when they have PTSD. These occur with angry outbursts, aggressiveness, trouble concentrating, fear, guilt, and sleep issues. 

For instance, a veteran experiences sudden mood changes from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes, they become standoffish and physically violent if you start pushing them too far. These are signs that this person has PTSD, and you want to get them to treatment right away. 

The best approach is to visit a trained professional that knows how to assist you in helping them. 

At More Life Recovery, we can assist you in these situations by offering strategies to get them to treatment. We deal with PTSD cases all the time and know what to do in situations where you experience emotional and physical reactions. 

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